What Is A Super Fan Room, and How Do I Get Involved?

What Is A Super Fan Room, and How Do I Get Involved?

This is my and Paul’s first year as staff at Con-Jikan, and we’re helping to introduce a concept this year that is common in the north part of the US, but a little new to the Southwest. Super Fan Rooms! I did a blog post about a fan suite that we at The KEEP did for three years, but I’ll give you a bigger overview and more ideas on how to run your own.

What is a Super Fan Room?

A Super Fan Room is a party for your 500+ new friends! This can be hosted by individuals, clubs, or other organizations. Hosts provide refreshments and entertainment during the convention.

Where do I start?

Pick a Theme

  • What do you like? Ghostbusters, RWBY, Tea Room, or just a quiet room.
  • Plan activities. Trivia, run movies, music, coloring books, etc.
  • Have some easy to prepare snacks (pre-packaged cookies, veggie tray, punch, etc)


  • Consider your budget.
  • How will you transport it? Will it fit through the door?
  • Where will you store it afterwards?
  • Who will help set up/tear down?
  • Use only the One True Tape (Blue low-tac painters’ tape)
  • Consider a floor covering to avoid stains.
  • Remember: Safety first!
  • Do not block smoke detectors, thermostats, doorways, hallways.
  • All structures must be freestanding to avoid damage to walls
  • No open flames.


  • Keep it simple: pre-packaged cookies, cheese and meat trays, veggies, lemonade mix, etc.
  • No Alcohol at Con-Jikan.
  • If you need any appliances beyond an electric kettle or crock pot please contact Con staff for approval.

At the Con

  • All Con rules apply to Super Fan Rooms.
  • Hosts cannot charge money. Tip jars are OK, but not suggested donations.
  • Do not use the Super Fan Rooms to sell anything. Vendors have their own hall.
  • Check badges. Rooms must be open to all badged con-goers, but not non-registered hotel guests or party crashers.
  • Hosts are responsible for the conduct of their guests, and for contacting security if there is a problem (harassment, etc).
  • Don’t forget to plan for breaks so you can enjoy the con too!
  • Advertise your room with fliers – using only the OTT.


  • Plan ahead, make a checklist. Do you need remote controls, batteries, power cables, door stops?
  • You may block off the bathroom and use it for storage or host use only.
  • Talk to the Con if you need help with chairs, beds, etc.
  • Keep it simple if this is new to you. Don’t make it so complicated that you are not having fun. Plan for breaks.
  • Do what YOU enjoy. If attendance in your room is low, at least you will be having fun.

Following are some of my favorite ideas from CoreCon, CONvergence and Mars Con.

Scene SettersFor Kaiju Dance Battel at the KEEP we used Scene Setters as wall coverings (held on with the One True Tape), and created “skyscrapers” out of cardboard boxes. This was all very affordable.

CONvergence, MN

At CONvergence, Smiling Lune Bellydance held 3 or 4 shows each evening. Note that the pictures are bolted to the wall and cannot be removed. Here they draped the frame to help it blend in with the theme.


This Twin Cities Ghostbusters fan group actually built a false wall so they could show off their prop collection.

MarsCon 201616The Karaoke room at MarsCon has very little decoration at all, just the necessary karaoke equipment, and some extra chairs. Everyone had a blast!

IMG_2616_0041This group created a Japanese tea room in a CONvergence cabana room. Not pictured are the low tables and floor cushions.

IMG_2651_0021Other favorites, which I unfortunately do not have pics of:

House of Toast: Lot of tables with toasters, bread, butter, PB&J. People do forget to eat at a four-day con.

501st Legion: Fantastic cosplay displays and info on the group.

Royal Manticoran Navy: always has a room full of wonderfully displayed memorabilia, guarded by impeccably dressed officers.

Jews In Space: Held a Seder on Friday evening, everyone welcome, and served great matzo ball soup. I regret I cannot find my pic of Optimus Prime wearing a yarmulke and tallit.

The Rack: Rave all night, included lights, music and dance floor.

Worship the Goddess: Themed as classical Greek/Roman decor, women can enter but men cannot enter without a woman accompanying them. Men then worship their goddesses at the altar.

I hope this helps give you all some ideas on where to start! I’m happy to answer questions in the comments! Remember to check out my previous blog post for even more tips, and get a form to apply to Con-Jikan 2018.

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