Month: July 2017

Why I hate this T-shirt

Why I hate this T-shirt

Your Wife/My Wife

I’m taking a little break from my DC Bombshell Wonder Woman cosplay blog posts to rant about this T-shirt. I have seen it going around social media and I really hate it a lot. Why? Patriarchy.

Note: This post is way shorter than the one I had initially written, but there is so much to unpack, and so many other cultural issues it relates to, it’s just too exhausting.

If you saw the Wonder Woman movie, or read the comics, etc, a big component of that is about the wonderful things we can accomplish WHEN WE WORK TOGETHER. This T-shirt plays into the old divide and conquer. Pitting women against each other. “You’re not like other girls.” I’m sure a lot of us have heard that. Because it’s a competition, I guess. Because life is a pageant and the prize is the approval of others. Because there is a right way and a wrong way to be a woman. And no matter what we do, we can’t ever win.

It also plays on the fact that many men view women as generic unless they know the woman personally. I mean, the graphic is right there.

I’m sure you all think it’s harmless, but it continues to feed into that culture. It normalizes it. If you take the time to look around, to listen, you will eventually realize how widespread and insidious it actually is.

I’ve also seen this shirt:

WW Wife Tshirt2
I asked God for strength and courage. He sent my wife.

See? A spouse can show appreciation for his/her wife without dissing other women. Being a woman, being a person, isn’t a contest. I don’t care if you lift weights, practice Judo, run, pole, belly dance, or sit on your butt watching TV. Maybe you like boxing, and maybe you like glitter. Maybe you like both. You do you, and this T-shirt can suck it.


*Although I do have some trepidation about viewing a woman as a “gift from God,” because then we get into a property vs partner discussion.