Enrolling in Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School

Bender !Flames!, or at least part of him
Bender !Flames!, or at least part of him

I am an art school dropout, and I have not sketched anything other than accessory patterns for literally years. There is a reason I concentrated on photography! But last night I attended the Fargo branch of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School, with guest model Bender !Flames! and I really enjoyed stretching my brain muscles a little. My first few sketches were crap, but I got better after I warmed up a bit. It’s still not great, especially compared to some of the awesomeness that was on display, but I feel better about my mental workout the next day. If you enjoy drawing or even wire art (as one original young man did last night) I’d encourage you to check it out in your area. There are at least 100 branches throughout the world! Dr. Sketchy’s new Fargo home is at the Beefsteak Club. The next session will be Dec. 12.


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