Month: November 2010

Product Review: Gary Fong Delta Point and Shoot Diffuser

Delta Point and Shoot Diffuser
Diffuser on Canon SD1200 IS

Most of us have tiny cameras nowadays – on our phones, in our pockets and purses. They are so convenient! The problem is that tiny cameras have tiny flashes. Tiny but POWERFUL flashes that blind our subjects while washing out our pictures. Unfortunately most normal room lighting results in our pictures looking either grainy or blurry if we don’t use a flash. What to do?

Well, after seeing ads in Photoshop User and Digital Photo Pro magazines for many months I finally broke down and decided to try the Delta Point and Shoot Diffuser from Gary Fong. So far I’d have to say that I’m pretty pleased with the results. It’s not perfect but it is much improved. I dragged my poor, PJ clad husband from his NaNoWriMo to do an impromptu demonstration. I felt that was best because when people take party pics they are usually done in this fashion (except for the PJ’s, unless you are 16 or younger).

Filter Test 1
With filter on Canon SD1200 IS
Without filter
Canon SD1200 IS with bare flash only

These photos have not been touched up. As you can see, the filter really evens out light well. I still had some flash flare on Paul’s glasses, but I was in pretty close proximity to him. It makes the tones warmer but it is also a little darker. With some basic photo editing that can be fixed, so if you don’t mind a little post-production time it’s probably worth it. It is certainly less of a hassle to knock up the exposure in Photoshop than it is to warm up the skin tone and get rid of shadows. You may notice more obvious shadows and also vignetting in the bare-flash photo.

The filter comes in 4 different sizes so you will have to measure the lens barrel of your camera. There is a diagram on the web site that shows you how to do this. It is also slightly adjustable so if you are off by 1/8 of an inch it’ll still fit. It is made from a soft plastic and pops on really quickly and easily. I was also pleased that it only cost $16.15, so you’re not out too much if you don’t like it (although shipping is a bit pricey on the Gary Fong site – you can also buy through or, etc). It comes with a wrist strap so I just looped that around the camera’s wrist strap and that is pretty convenient.

One other note, I took the photo of the filter on my SD1200 with my Canon 30D using Gary Fong’s Puffer filter. But I will have to review that one when I have more spare time.