Zombie Felties – Craft Project and Book Review

Zombie Felties Book
Zombie Felties

A few weeks ago I was in Barnes & Noble, wandering toward the photography section, when I spied an interesting new craft book on an end cap display: Zombie Felties by Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate. I had recently pared down my list of hobbies but since I still sew I rationalized the purchased. Plus: ZOMBIES! How could I resist? Luckily, Dawn’s birthday was coming up so I got to delve into one of the projects right away.

The felties turn out really small, which is OK except that means the felt pieces are also really, really small and somewhat hard to cut out and handle. I was able to manage, although the bandages were a bit of a challenge. I suppose you could enlarge the pattern when photocopying it so that can be fixed if you find the small size too difficult to work with. They are pretty adorable in their tiny form though. The instructions are easy to follow and they even give a brief lesson on types of stitches in the front of the book.

If you get this book you should be prepared to make substitutions on the projects. The authors list specific colors of felt and types of beads. I was surprised by my inability to locate white bugle beads and various colors of sequins. And there are only about 8 colors of felt to be found anywhere. This zombie was supposed to have a dark gray body and a light gray head, but I used the only color of gray available. If you don’t already have a craft stash you will find yourself with a LOT of leftovers. You just can’t buy a single black sequin anywhere!

Classic Zombie in a Coffin
Classic Zombie in a Coffin

All together it was pretty easy. I’d say it took about 2 hours but I was interrupted a few times so the actual time was less, I’m sure. And he’s just cute as a button! To complete the theme the authors have a template for a coffin in the end of the book. I made a color photocopy on cardstock and Paul glued it together for me. I am pretty happy with how the whole thing turned out so I’d have to say I would recommend this book if you are looking for a special gift for your zombie-loving friend.

I am also working on another super-secret project that I will reveal at a later date, once I have more spare time.

Update – additional Zombie Felties projects here.


13 thoughts on “Zombie Felties – Craft Project and Book Review

  1. I had no idea this book even existed!
    Are there a lot of patterns in it? Sometimes I have a hard time justifying crafty book purchases becuse they can be so expensive, so I always want to feel like I’m getting more bang for my buck.

    1. There are 16 different patterns in the book. They all have difficulty ratings of 1-4 skulls depending on the complexity of the project and they recommend starting with easier ones until you get more experienced with the sewing. I did the “Classic Zombie” (2 skulls) but they also have (just to name a few) a puppy, kitty, ducky, bunny, pumpkin, bride, pirate, “Thrilla” (think MJ), fairy, and to tax your metaphysical reason, a vampire zombie. It retails for $14.99 USD.

  2. I work at Joann’s and got lot of the felt colors there but I am having trouble finding the pink sequins they used on several zombies for brains do you have any inspirations or websites you can suggest

    1. I had the same problem! My local Joann (in Fargo, ND) just started selling small packs of sequins in the last couple of months so I got lucky there. I know not all stores have the same inventory. There are a few craft supply stores online if you Google, although I have never ordered from them myself. In the absence of sequins you might try a cluster of seed beads, or maybe some pink floss like they use for the guts in other projects in the book. At the time I made the zombie that is pictured I did not have access to sequins so I cut out a small circle of black felt for the eye socket. That might work too. I hope that helps!

  3. I found the bugle beads hard to find as well, but locate white ones on http://www.etsy.com.
    as for the brain sequins i believe they are vitange cupped or textured sequins but still can not find them which is dissapointing because that really makes a few of these zombies come to life.

  4. New for crafters in the Fargo-Moorhead area: be.dangled (www.bedangled.com) opened recently near Home Depot on 45th St. S. They have small packets of vintage sequins, and as you can imagine, an unbelievable amount of fabulous beads.

  5. You can find ANYTHING that has to do with beads and jewlery making at Firemountaingems .com. I’ve been buying from them for years.

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